Lego For Charity is a children initiative committed to helping local animal foundations! Lego For Charity was started by (11 year-old) Andrew.  Andrew has always been a Lego fanatic since he was 4 years-old, receiving Lego sets as gifts for birthdays, holidays, any chance he could get – Lego is his true passion! 

In addition to Lego being a stable part of his life, Andrew also understands and values the companionship of animals. Animal’s are more than pets, they are also humans best-friends who are able to improve the everyday lives of humans everywhere.

This is exactly why Lego For Charity was created, Andrew was inspired to give back to local animal organizations by repurposing unwanted and donated Lego from sellers/donors. Lego For Charity takes donated Lego and unwanted Lego from sellers and creates new sets that can be later sold, with the proceeds going to animal organizations within our communities.

Andrew wants to spread this initiative and needs your help!

Lego For Charity’s Goal for 2021 is to Raise $800 or More!

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